Writing and publishing a scientific paper

Curs pentru: medici de toate specialitățile, manageri, asistenți medicali, alți profesionişti din sănătate
Autori: Marinela van den Heuvel-OlăroiuProf. dr. Wim J.A van den Heuvel
Valabil până la: 31.12.2022
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Scientific publications make new knowledge to be spread, which stimulates innovations and new interventions as well as improves existing technologies and make existing interventions more effective. The societal impact of scientific work is considered to be an important drive for economic development. However, the quality of scientific knowledge has to be guaranteed. Therefore, international procedures and regulations as well as publication policies have been developed to check the quality of scientific manuscripts before publications.

A scientific paper has a fixed structure. Such a paper clarifies what the problem is and why it is a problem. It presents the methods used to analyse the problem (for better understanding or solutions) and shows the outcomes. At the end the outcomes will discussed. The structure for scientific papers will be explained.

Publication of scientific work also has to follow specific requirements like ethical considerations and review procedures. This course also presents the requirements needed for publication of scientific work.


Key words: science, research, methods, ethics, conflict of interest


Learning Objectives

This course:
-  describes what a scientific paper is about,
-  formulates which ethical considerations has to be taken into account,
-  learns how to start and structure a scientific paper,
-  explains what should be mentioned in each part of the paper,
-  shows the steps for submitting a scientific paper for publication